Pennsylvania WordPress Theme

I’ve been creating a wordpress theme the last couple of days. I built it around the keyword Pennsylvania. I am just about done with it.

Author’s NOTE June 22, 2010: After starting this project of trying to develope a wordpress theme for Pennsylvania, I became very aware that just slapping a theme up would not do the trick effectively. Therefore, I completely changed the wordpress base coding to effectively create a website that would be set up to help capture the keyword Pennsylvania. The name of this project is the Pennsylvania Website Template.

Whats the big deal?

Well, the big deal is, it is quick to load, seo correct, html correct, and easy to use.

SEO Correct

Yea, I know. You’ve heard that before. Trust me on this. The theme is made for one reason, to get you recognized for the keyword “pennsylvania”.¬† So if you want to start a political blog about Havertown Pennsylvania, You could use this theme and it would greatly help you with one of the two words that your trying to get known for.

Costs for the Pennsylvania WordPress Theme?

I plan on giving it away for free. All I ask is that you leave a link to me in the footer. Me being  Web Design PA. This is typically how these free wordpress themes work.

Any DEMO available?

well…..actually….this site is using the Pennsylvania WordPress Theme. Don’t be jumping to any conclusions. Like I said, I’m still not done. I do NOT plan on keeping the space pic on the top. Just needed something to throw up real quick. The best feature is the title bar up top. On every page Pennsylvania is the first thing that shows up. I love it. I want to be known for Pennsylvania Web Design. Now, as I write my posts, the world will know I’m talking about Pennsylvania. I could actually make a WordPress Theme up for Web Design. Then if I used it here, my site would turn a little national. I have enough problems with just Pennsylvania.

Author’s NOTE: I am not using the Pennsylvania WordPress Theme on this site. I am using the Pennsylvania Website Template. was a big help!

If you ever want to try and Design a WordPress Theme on your own. Don’t miss this Tutorial. Fantastic! I didn’t see a name on his blog. Would love to pick his brain! WOW! Althought I would change things around a little…..That’s my nature!

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